Insanity, Indefinite

When an investigator loses 20% or more of his or her current Sanity points within an hour of game time,  the result is insanity as the keeper sees fit.  Keeper and player should discuss how to play the investigator.  The average duration for indefinite insanity is 1D6 game months.
(1D10 x10 Game Hours)

No. Result
1 Amnesia (memories of intimates usually lost first; language and physical skills engaged, but intellectural skills absent) or stupor/cataonia
2 Severe phobia (can flee, but sees object of obsession everywhere)
3 Hallucinations
4 Strange sexual desires (exhibitionism, nymphomania or satyriasis, teraphilia, ect.)
5 Fetish (investigator latches onto some object, type of object, or person as a safety blankey)
6 Uncontrollable tics, tremors, or inability to communicate via speech or writing
7 Psychosomatic blindness, deafness, or loss of the use of a limb or limb.
8 Brief reactive pyschosis (incoherence, delusions, aberrant behavior, and/or hallucinations)
9 Temporary paranoia
10 Compulsive rituals (washing hands constantly, praying, walking in a particular rhythm, never stepping on cracks, checking one’s gun constantly, ect.)