Insanity, Temporary

If an investigator loses 5 or more Sanity points as the consequence of a single Sanity roll, he or she has suffered major emotional trauma .  The player  must roll D100.  If the result is equal to or less than INT x 5, the investigator  fully understands what has been seen, and goes insane for a period of minutes or hours.

1D10+4 Combat Rounds, Roll 1D10

No. Result
1 Fainting or screaming fit
2 Flees in panic
3 Physical hysterics or emotional outburst (laughing, crying, ect.
4 Babling, incoherent, rapid speach, or logorhea (a torrent of coherent speech)
5 Intense phobia, perhaps rooting investigator to the spot.
6 Homicidal or suicidal mania
7 Hallucinations or delusions
8 Echopraxia or echolalia (investigator does/says what others around him do/say)
9 Strange or deviant eating desire (dirt, slime, cannibalism, ect.)
10 Stupor (assumes foetal position, oblivious to events) or catatonia (can stand but has no will or interest; may be led or forced to simple actions but takes no independent action)