Spells List

Alter Weather

Appoint Ka

Attract Fish


Awake Abhoth

Bait Humans

Balk Blood

Baneful Dust of Hermes Trismegistus

Banishment of Yde Etad

Bat Form

Become Spectral Hunter

Bind Enemy

Bind Loup-Garou (Cage of Kind)

Bind Soul

Black Binding

Bless Blade

Blight / Bless Crop

Body Warping of Gorgoroth

Breath of the Deep

Brew Dream Drug

Brew Space-Mead

Bring Haboob

Bring Pestilence

Call / Dismiss Arwassa

Call / Dismiss Azathoth

Call / Dismiss The Beast

Call / Dismiss Cthugha

Call /  Dismiss Hastur

Call /  Dismiss Ithaqua

Call /  Dismiss Nyogtha

Call /  Dismiss Skinless One

Call /  Dismiss Shub-Niggurath

Call /  Dismiss Yog-Sothoth

Call Fish

Call Power of Nyambee

Candle Communication

Cast Out Devil

Cast Out Shan

Cause / Cure Blindness

Circle of Nausea

Deflect Harm


Find Gate

Flesh Ward

Graft Flesh


Mind Blast


Spectral Razor