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A Mythos Grimoire
Precursor Mythos tales by Chambers, Machen, and Blackwood are some five generations since publication.  Lovecraft fell silent more than sixty years ago.  Since then have some new wizards of words, among them the writers and keepers of Call of Cthulhu adventures.  These latter have created much, including here more than two hundred spells for use in the game. Spells make interesting browsing and can become useful models for keeper projects.  These have been evaluated in play many times.
As always, keepers are not obliged to recognize any ensorcelment or incantation which has not become manifest in the course of play. Spells are a province of the keeper, not the players.  Most spells are intended to be cast by evildoers, cultists and madmen.
A handful of spells are the product of independent magical tradition – human tribal knowledge, the arcana of the Serpent People, the fathomless rationality of the Great Race, individual research, ect.  A few spells have no Sanity point cost.
Spells are arranged in a single alphabetical list. Cross-references indicate a couple of spell name changes.


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