Size – SIZ

The characteristic SIZ averages height and weights into one number.  To see over something, to squeeze through a small opening, or even to judge whose head might be sticking up out of grass, use Size.  Size helps determine hit points and the damage bonus.  One might decrease SIZ to indicate loss of limbs, through lowering DEX is more often the solution.  Presumably if investigators lose all SIZ, they disappear – goodness knows to where.

Mythos Comparative Sizes
This table equates approximate weight with game SIZ.  In Call of Cthulhu, SIZ pertains not only to weight but to volume and height as well.  This table should not be relied on absolutely: it will not useful for creatures lighter than air, gaseous, able to change mass, or made of plasma or ectoplasm.  From SIZ 330 on, SIZ is exactly 1/10th the creature’s weight in short tons.  Thus, a dhole of SIZ 8000 weights 80,000 short tons.

SIZ English Weight Metric Weight
1 1-12 pounds .5-5.5 kg
4 38-51 pounds 17-23 kg
8 109-120 pounds 50-55 kg
12 156-168 pounds 71-76 kg
16 220-239 pounds 100-109 kg
20 310-338 pounds 141-154 kg
24 440-479 pounds 200-218 kg
32 880-959 pounds 400-436 kg
40 1760-1919 pounds 800-872 kg
48 3520-3829 pounds 1600-1741 kg
56 7040-7649 pounds 3200-3477 kg
64 7.1-7.7 tons 6455-7000 kg