A Grapple is a special personal attack, frequently chosen to subdue an opponent without harming him.  This attack may be parried by countering successful Grapple of other attack by the target, but only in the first round of attack.
If a Grapple attack succeeds in the first round and is not neutralized, then the attacker holds the target and may thereafter exercise one of several options.

  • Immobilize the target by overcoming the target’s STR with his or her own STR, using the Resistance Table.
    With a success, the target is held fast indefinitely, until the grappler attempts another action.
  • Knock down the target. If used, this option automatically succeeds.
  • Disarm the target.  With successful Grapples in consecutive rounds, and investigator could Grapple to prevent a hand-to-hand attack in the first round and then seize the weapon or weapon hand in the second round.
  • Physically injure the target.  The opponent already must be successfully grappled.  Then the grappler must receive a second successful Grapple roll in that round, or a successful Grapple is some later round. Success costs the target 1D6 hit points plus the attacker’s damage bonus.  Harm in subsequent rounds requires a new Grapple success in those rounds, and the amount of injury done remains the same.
  • Strangle the target.  Beginning in the round in which the intended is stated, the target begins asphyxiate as per the Drowning Rules.  This continues in subsequent rounds.  The attacker needs no further Grapple Rolls.