Knock-Out Attacks

Use this rule to render a target unconscious rather than to do physical harm. The player or keeper should state the intention before making the attack.  Perform Knock-out attacks only with Fist, Punch, Kick, Grapple, Head Butt, Clubs or other blunt instruments.
Roll for damage as in an ordinary attack, but match the result against the target’s hit points on the Resistance Table.  A success knocks the target unconscious for several minutes, and the target takes one third of the damage originally rolled (round down any fraction). If the attack succeeds but the Resistance Table roll does not, then there is no knock out, and the target takes full rolled damage.

  • Knock-out attacks work against humans, but not against most creatures of the mythos.
  • At the Keeper’s option, knock-outs may work against deep ones, ghouls, serpent people, and other humanoids.

A successful First Aid or Medicine roll immediately wakes a victim of a knock-out attack.


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