Every poison has a numerical rating.  The higher the rating, the  more deadly and speedy the poison.  A poison rating is indicated by the abbreviation POT, for potency.
Use the Resistance Table to match the poison’s potency rating against the target’s CON. The poison is the attacking force.  If the poison overcomes the target’s CON, then something bad happens.  Commonly, the victim loses hit points equal to the poison’s POT.
If the poison fails to overcome the victim’s CON, the results are less serious.  Perhaps half-POT in hit points are lost, or no damage at all may occur.  The Keeper must judge by the poison and it’s application.
The Sample Poisons Table presumes the fiction of a “standard dose”. roughly equal to a single bit or application.  The keeper should adjust the entries to account for conditions of play.  Only the keeper can determine whether a dose is sufficient for death.  Faster-acting poisons begin to work within a combat round or two. Death from cyanide may occur within a minute.  Many poisons are slow, so poisoners must be subtle.
The symptoms noted are only a few of those possible.

Sample Poisons
Poison Speed of Effect POT Symptoms
Amania 6 – 24 hours 15 Violent stomach pains, vomiting, jaundice
Arsenic 1/2 – 24 hours 16 Burning pain, vomiting violent diarrhea
Belladonna 2 hours – 2 days 16 Rapid heartbeat, impared vision, convulsions
Black Widow 2 – 8 hours 7 Chills, sweating, nausea
Chloral Hydrate 1 – 3 minutes 17 Unconscousness for 1 hour; each added dose increases effect by 1 hour plus a 10% chance of respitory failure.
Chloroform 1 round 15 Unconscousness, depressed respiration
Cobra 15 – 60 minutes 16 convulsions, respitory failure
Curare 1 round 25 muscular paralysus, respitory failure
Cyanide 1 – 15 minutes 20 Dizziness, convulsions, fainting
Rattlesnake 15 – 60 minutes 10 Vomiting, violent spasms, yellowish vision
Rohypnal, ect. 15 – 30 minutes 18 Oderless, tasteless, unconsciousness for 4 – 8 hours
Scorpion 24 – 48 hours 9 Intense pain, weakness, hemorrahaging
Sleeping Pills 10 – 30 minutes 6 Normal sleep; each additional dose increases the chance for respitory failure by 5%.
Strychnine 10 – 20 minutes 20 Violent muscle contractions, asphyxiation