Personal Attacks

First/Punch, Head Butt, Kick and Grapple are personal attacks, meaning each can be made by a person who is otherwise unarmed.  All people know these attacks.  Each personal attack is used individually, and ability in each increases individually through experience.  Each personal attack is discussed in the skills section. Grapple especially is a complex skill and deserves close study.

  • With a successful Martial Arts skill roll, double the rolled damage done by a successful personal attack.
  • A knock-out attack can lessen physical damage to a target. See spot rules for combat.
  • In general, a personal attack can be parried by ay hand-to-hand weapon or personal attack. Only a Grapple can parry another grapple.
  • As an option, some Keepers may recognize the effect of a human Bite attack. It does no hit points of damage, but might break a human Grapple if POW against Power Resistance Table roll favors the biter.

:Personal Attack