A parry is the blocking of or the diversion of a hand-to-hand attack. It does not work against firearms.  The parry skill always equals the skill percentage held by the defender in the weapon or object being used for the parry.  A parry is always defensive. A parry does no damage to the attacker.

One parry per participant can be attempted during a combat round.  The player states which potential attacker will be parried.  If the defender is knocked out or stunned before the attack occurs, then the parry is foregone.  If the attack does not occur, the parry is foregone.

At object used to parry absorbs all damage from a parried blow.  If the damage exceeds the object’s hit points, the object breaks and the defender absorbs any damage exceeding the object’s hit points.

  • Personal attacks can parry each other.
  • An edged or impaling hand-to-hand weapon can be parried with  most other hand-to-hand weapons and with rifles and shotguns.  Personal attacks cannot parry weapon attacks without risking normal damage, but if the range is touch and the person  parrying has the higher DEX, he or she could Grapple for a weapon, yielding the effect of a parry
  • Foils, rapiers and most swords and sabers can attack and parry in the same round.
  • Rifles, shotguns, and the largest submachine guns can parry, but cannot fire and parry in the same round.  WHen a firearm’s hit points are exceeded in a parry, it no longer fires but does not break.
  • Two successful Grapples can in effect parry an attack, one to establish contact and the next to grab the weapon or weapon in hand.
  • A character can both parry and Dodge in the same round.
  • Bullets cannot be parried.