Character Creation

See Character Sheets for print outs to make your character.

Step 1. Determine Your Characteristics
Roll 3D6 once each for the characteristics STR, CON, POW, DEX and APP.  Enter the results in the investigator sheet, in the appropriate spaces.  It is recommended using a pencil so that you can erase easily.

Roll 2D6+6 for SIZ and INT

Roll 3D6+3 for the characteristic EDU

San equals POW x5.


Step 2. Determine Characteristic Rolls

  • In the characters box, multiply INT x5 for Idea, POW x5 for Luck, and EDU x5 for Know, and enter the results.
  • Add STR to SIZ and find your Damage Bonus. The roll may be positive or negative; if none, write none.
  • Enter the number 99 for 99 minus Cthulhu Mythos. If you investigator gains points in that skill, lower this number by the like amount.
2 to 12 -1D6
13 to 16 -1D4
17 to 24 +0
25 to 32 +1D4
33 to 40 +1D6
41 to 56 +2D6
57 tp 72 +3D6
73 to 88 +4D6
For each +16 or fraction thereof. +1D6 more


Step 3. Determine Derived Characteristic Points

The Hit Points box is directly below the characteristics & Rolls Box.  Add CON + SIZ and divide by 2: round up any fraction.  Circle the resulting number in the hit points box.  If your investigator loses hit points, mark them off with pencil slashes, which can be erased as the investigator regains hit points. The circled number represents the investigator’s maximum hit points.

In the Magic Points box, circle the number equal to POW.  If your investigator loses magic points, mark them off with pencil slashes, then erase the slashes as the investigator regains magic points.  The circled number is the maximum magic points regenerated.

In the Sanity Points box, circle the number equal to SAN.  Sanity points rise and fall; use pencil slashes to show their present number. Unless POW changes, SAN will not change.  As the investigator accumulates Cthulhu Mythos skill points, black out an equal number of Sanity Points, starting with 99 and working down.  Blacked out sanity points are a ceiling into which current Sanity points cannot be increased.


Step 4.  Determine Occupation & Skills
A. Roll 1D10 and use the chart below to determine yearly income and property.

Die Roll Result
1 $1,500 + Room & Board
2 $2,500
3 $3,500
4 $3,500
5 $4,500
6 $5,500
7 $6,500
8 $7,500
9 $10,000
10 $20,000

The investigator also has property and other assets of value equal to five times yearly income: an investigator who makes $1,500 has $7,500 in assets.  One tenth of that is banked as cash.  Another one tenth is in stocks and bonds, convertible in 30 days.  The remainder is in old books, a house, or whatever seems appropriate to the character.

B. Choose an occupation that you find befitting the investigator’s characteristics and income.  Choose from the Occupations Section, or consult with your keeper and create a new occupation.  If you want a specific occupation for which the character are already tuned, see Alternative ways (not complete) and apply one of those methods.

Multiply the investigator’s EDU by 20, and allot those skill points only to the eight or so skills listed for the occupation.  The Keeper may use different multipliers to adjust the game difficulty.  The skills are found on the investigator sheet.  You can have up to 99 points per skill, however, some keepers may have lower maximums.

Hand-to-hand and firearm values are found on the Weapons Table.  Write in pertinent data in the boxes at the bottom of the investigator sheet front.

C. Multiply the investigator’s INT by 10.  These are personal interest points, and can increase any skill except Cthulhu Mythos.  The Keeper may use different multipliers to adjust the game difficulty. Add these points to any printed base chances printed on the investigator sheet, and any amounts already in the blanks to the right of the skills.  Total the amount for each skill.

Allot every point; points unallocated are lost.

Weapon skills are found in the Hand-to-hand and firearms boxes just below Skills.

Not all skills need to be given points.  A single skill of 70% or 80% maybe much more valuable than two skills of 35% or 40% each.

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