Dice; Important Rolls

People new to roleplaying may never have seen dice with other than six sides. A variety of them can be found at most game stores and hobby shops.

For the most part Call of Cthulhu calls for three dice roll results – abbreviated as D100, D8, D6 0 to judge the success of a skill use, to indicate how many hit points were lost to an attack or accident, to generate investigators, ect. ┬áThe dice from which these rolls derive also can give D20, D10, D3, and D2 results.

The letter D stands for the word die or dice. ┬áThe number after the D stands for the range of random numbers sought: D8 generates the random numbers 1 through 8, for instance, while D100 generates the numbers 1-100. For convenience, players normally use their own dice. – this can goto gameplay not character creation