Alter Weather Spell

Moderates or exacerbates any weather condition, Large groups may cast the spell to achieve great meteorological effects.  The keeper establishes the base conditions.  Every ten magic points sacrificed effects one level of change.  The caster may expend as many magic points as he or she is able, as can any participant who knows the spell.  Those ignorant of the spell can contribute 1 magic point only.

Casting the spell costs every participant 1 current sanity point, and requires a song-like chant to be uttered for three minutes per level of weather change.  The effective radius of the base spell is two miles; this area can be widened for a cost of ten magic points for each additional mile.  The change in the weather lasts thirty minutes for every ten magic points of the total contributed, but violent weather such as tornado lasts a much shorter time.

Five weather components can be changed, in varying levels of effect.  One level costs 10 magic points to change: thus to change the two levels from partly cloudy to heavy clouds takes 20 magic points to change.  For snow to fall, the temperature must be 30 degrees or lower, otherwise the precipitation is rain, not snow.

Cloud Cover Levels:
1 Clear
2 Foggy
3 Partly Cloudy
4 Cloudy
5 Heavy Clouds

Wind Direction levels, the eight compass points:
1 North
2 Northeast
3 East
4 Southeast
5 South
6 Southwest
7 West
8 Northwest

Wind Speed Levels
1 Calm
2 Breezy
3 Gusty
4 Strong Steady Wind
5 Gale
6 Local Hurricane
7 Tornado

Temperature Levels:
One level raises or lowers the temperature in the area of effect by five degrees Fahrenheit.

Precipitation Levels:
1 Dry
2 Drizzle or Mist
3 Rain (Snow)
4 Hail (Snow)
5 Heavy Rain (Heavy Snow)
6 Thunderstorm (Blizzard)