Circle of Nausea

Circle of nausea creates a power protective spell around the caster that will cause nausea and pain in anyone approaching it.  Creating the circle costs 4 magic points, 2 points of Sanity, and 5 game minutes.  The caster must inscribe a circle on the ground, then fortify the circle with four enchanted stones – one at each of the four cardinal points of the compass.  Enchanting the stones in this case requires the previous sacrifice of 4 magic points into each.  Breaching the circle requires a successful resistance struggle match the character’s POW against the magical STR of the circle (equal to teh POW of the caster). Anyone who touches the circle but fails the POW struggle vomits for the next five minutes, or until he or she retreats at least 100 yards away.  If anyone successfully breaches the circle, the spell collapses.