Electric Gun

This weapon looks like a warty, doorknob-sized lump of black metal, covered in tiny wires.  Mi-Go fire this weapon by clutching it tightly and changing the electrical resistance of the lump.  When activated, the weapon fires a bluish bolt of sparks doing 1D10 points of damage to the target.  When it hits, the electrical jolt acts like a taser causing violent muscle spasms which immobilize the victim for a number of round equal to the damage inflicted.  Finally, the target must successfully match his or her hit points against the damage done on the Resistance Table, or the target dies of heart failure.  Mi-Go take normal rolled damage (surface burns to carapace) from these weapons but do not have electrical nervous systems, and are hence immune to other damage from electrical charges.
To be able to fire this alien weapon, humans must realign the wire on the electric gun, a feat required two Electrical Repair rolls. So jury-rigged for human use, the weapon fires uncertainly.  Roll 1D6 when attempting to fire:  the weapon actually fires only on a result of 1-2.