Tabula Rasa Device

This device was invented by the Yithians to erase the memories of those entities they displace through time.  Is is a small slim, rectangular copper box with tiny indentations.  From one side of the box five flexible metal tubes extend, ending in inch-long metal needles.  The needles are inserted into the victim’s head, which takes five rounds.  Once the device is activated, the victim is paralyzed unless he or she makes a successful POW x1 roll each round that the device is connected.

Each round the machine erases up to a year’s worth of memories or removes a point of INT, at the operator’s discretion.  The memories and thoughts are stored in the copper box.  The erasure of memories is not always complete.  Eery year there is a an INT x1 chance that some memory returns in the form of dreams.  The function of this device may also be reversed, feeding the stored memories to the original victim or alternatively to another entity entirely. The Tabula Rasa Device is very complex, and can only be used by those familiar with Yithian Technology.