Bring Pestilence

This foul spell infests its victims with dreadful diseases. Casting the spell costs 10 magic points and 1D10 sanity points. The target must be touched by the caster and the target can resist the spell by matching POW against the caster’s POW. A bit of decayed human flesh is required as a material component.
The first symptoms of the disease show up in 1D100 rounds. Symptoms of the illness cary, but its game effect is always the daily loss of 1D3 CON until the victim is cured or dead. Victims also suffer daily cumulative 5-point loss from each skill. The victim may be cured with a successful Medicine roll, and cured dreamers regenerate all lost CON points in 2D6 hours.
Should an infected dreamer wake before perishing, he or she is saved. On the next visit to the Dreamlands no sign of the sickness exists. This spell may be cast only in Dreamlands.